"Call for the worthy" 

The pillars for this Chronovoid trailer were Ancient Futuristic, Godly, and Mysterious. This skin line is inspired by the story of Daedalus and Minotaur's Labyrinth and we went through rounds of discussion with the creatives at RIOT before deciding that we should not show a literal maze and a Minotaur in this trailer. So we thought that it’d be cool to have a visual representation of both the Labyrinth and the Minotaur. 
By using a huge landscape, we wanted to create the a feeling for the viewers that it will be a tough journey for the wielder to get into the monolith structure which we established on our opening shot. We created a cracked landscape in the foreground where we see energy lines within the cracks itself and it all connects to the monolith structure. The cracked landscape’s was created to represent the confusing structure of the Labyrinth. Does the energy source come from the Chronovoid itself or is it the other way around where the energy from the Chronovoid sphere spreads across the planet? No one knows. 

 The Minotaur conveys symbolism of having to unwind levels and layers in order to uncover greater power, so our flow of the story was to have the wielder to travel through the labyrinth, and goes through layers of obstacles in the monolith structure before discovering the Chronovoid sphere and the pillars that holds these holy weapons. Which is when we thought of designing a door with complex mechanisms and a rotating corridor to give that sense of endless levels and layers. 

Client & Partners :


Creative Producer : Nicholas Lai
Art Director : KK Lai
FX & Technical Director : Jiun Hao Cheng
Animation Director : MChenn Lim
3D Modeling : Sellwyn Loh / Sydney Hong / Jiun Hao Cheng
Texture & Shaders : Yu Hui Lee
Lighting Artist : KK Lai / Yu Hui Lee
3D Animation : MChenn Lim / Chun Hoe Lee
2D Animation : Chun Hoe Lee
Digital Compositing : KK Lai
Concept Artists : Zoe Wong / MChenn Lim
Storyboard : Zoe Wong / MChenn Lim
Offline Edit : Nicholas Lai
End Bumper Animation : Chun Hoe Lee

Sound Design : RIOT Games


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