"Do good, and good will come to you" 

Creator of Ai & Aiko, Peter Draw approached us and shared us his vision on the IP. We were excited on how scalable it is and decided to collaborate to work on this Christmas Film together. The characteristics of Ai & Aiko had already been set from the prequel stop motion film, done by the stop-motion gurus, Dwarf Studio Japan. We just had to study and discuss a little bit more on how Ai and Aiko should act in our film. 

Peter was really nice to gave us full control on the creatives, and also the story. He only gave 2 criteria to us that he wanted to prioritize on. Give grandpa an emotional return, and introduce Geki the cat in the story. Challenge accepted and the Moog. squad really had a lot of fun working on the story, creating the layout of the town and creating the characters and assets in 3D.

Client & Partners :


Created by Peter Draw

Produced & Directed : Moog Studio

Music Composition & Sound Design : Two Am Music Global

Animation Support : Quadimension Studio


Moog Studio

Creative Producer & Director : Nicholas Lai

Creative & Animation Director : Mchenn Lim

Art Director : KK Lai

Technical & FX Director : Cheng Jiun Hao

Character Rigging : Chia Kia Liam

3D Modelling : Lee Chun Hoe / Lee Yu Hui

Lighting Artist : KK Lai / Lee Yu Hui

FX Artist : Lee Chun Hoe

Digital Compositing : KK Lai / Mchenn Lim

Storyboard : Mchenn Lim / Zoe Wong

Color Key : Zoe Wong

Concept Artist : Zoe Wong


Two AM Music Global

Composer : Nisa Addina

Music Director : Oliver Stutz

Sound Supervisor : Kit Kuan Leong

Executive Producer : Wira Chon


Quadimension Studio

Character Re-topology : Leaf Yap / Wei Seong

Character Animation : Wendy Tsen / Evalayn Chan / Au Suan / Wei Seong / Leaf Yap


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