Maintenance, Chemical & Worry Free

Having thoughts of creating a greener space but worried about the hassle that comes along with it? Noble Grass is your go-to solution for creating a natural-looking environment. You don’t have to worry about watering or spraying harmful chemicals to keep your grass green. Nobel Grass is guaranteed to stay green for a minimum of 8 years. It is also safe for your home, children and pets as it’s manufactured without any heavy metal or lead substances. Its unique C-shape leaf design makes it look and feel like the real deal. Embrace nature with a modern twist.

We worked with Konzept Garden to come out with this spot. We decided to go with a simple Character Design and a Clean Look & Feel to help further emphasis on their product, Noble Grass.



  • Konzept Garden


  • Motion Design
  • Art Direction
  • Project Management
  • Post – Production
  • Branding