Long Lasting Anti-Bac Protection

Kao Attack celebrates their 30th Anniversary and we were honored to be invited to come up with an idea to be presented to Kao Malaysia’s President Mr. Fujiwara Masaki and their Brand Team. We came up with 3 ideas and this Idea “The Legacy” was selected.

We had our pre-production done together with a few of our Head Of Departments to make sure that everything was pre-planned and according to the presented Storyboard.

We used the split screen technique to give a sense of the time difference, with a Color grading treatment to show a difference in the years, featuring Mandy Chenand Iris Low as our main talents.


  • Kao
  • Dentsu X


  • Pre-Production
  • Directing & Producing
  • Project Management
  • Motion Design
  • Post – Production


Demo Sequence Styleframes


Kao Attack DVC