Man-Made Buildings

If you have recently been in Kuala Lumpur, you will be unlikely to miss the new signature tower under construction in Tun Razak Exchange. This soon to be tallest building in the district is constructed by a Chinese contracting company, CSCEC.

CSCEC has an internal short film competition for different construction teams throughout the world. There were 60+ teams that participated in the competition. We worked together with the Head of Security Officer that manages the entire Security Operations in Malaysia, along side with our Producer, Script Writer and Director.

The story is about Danis, a local (Indian) Security Officer who works with the foreign construction company CSCEC. He faced language and cultural issues among the team, whom are all Chinese. The story resolves after Danis speaks to his supervisors and  starts working closely with his team by understanding them further.

We were fortunate that our team were crowned the Champion among all the others that participated.





  • Motion Design
  • Art Direction
  • Project Management
  • Post – Production